You have  small chests ? For this trouble often, always feel that dressoneself  not others look good, exposed his weakness? This article will tell you what kind of exercise to breast enhancement, to have hot  upper body.

Chest movements: two separate legs,  hands clenched dumbbell, upper body forward, back and neck to keep straight. Upper and lower dumbbell flattering to the chest, when you lift the suction, drop breath.
Strong thoraco-abdominal movement: the neck and waist while maintaining a straight, then turn the hands after straightening, concentrated in the abdomen, while breath hands on both sides to uphold.
Strengthen the chest movement: upper body forward, a hand dumbbell, one press on the knees to support body; to dumbbell chest, then dropped, aide take turns doing 10 times.
Inferior oblique nominated: hands the 5 pound dumbbell, note on push to breath, hands elbows remain slightly bent, push to a maximum of about 1 second when; drop elbow to keep 90-degree angle, can be done about 12 times in a row.
Nominated chest: muscle force to arm, beginners should be 10 pounds of dumbbell, and the back muscles to lock.
Instrument movement: when you do this mechanical chest exercises, pay attention to the hands of opening-closing actions to slow, not too open, access to 180 degrees, otherwise easily pulled chest muscle.
Swimming: through pressure on the effectiveness of chest massage,chestdevelopment helpful.