Action a: shoulder stability training

Standing body straight, legs apart, with the shoulder width,  arms slightly bent, ahead hands palm down, each holding a small dumbbell or a bottle of water, maintained the action 30 seconds, 3-4 times, 1-minute break between each time.
Action self: must shoulder, upper body must be straight, so as to achieve the effect of exercise.
Fitness advantage: this major exercise of shoulder stability, stability and balance of the shoulder, upper body curve can make you look more distinct profile, can also make you look more straight in the chest.

Action II: abdominal muscle control exercise
Sit on the floor, legs straight up,  hands forward, the upper body, straight, and to be near the legs slowly, and stops when the leg is at right angles, maintained the action 30 seconds. 3-4 times, 3-4-minute break between each time.
Action self: keep the time of this action, to feel abdominal muscle exertion, abdominal received a tight feeling. Upper body and leg must straighten, otherwise it is not up to the effects of exercise.
Fitness advantage: this abdominal curl effect is good, will make your stomach become strong and smooth, great sense of line.

Movement three: lateral lumbar flexors and extensors exercises
Body upright, double leg separate, single hand placed back brain, large arm open, another a only hand Palm to within hold small dumbbell or a bottle water, arm straight vertical  body side, holding water bottle of hand led body to side slowly bending , eyes looked started elbow, bending to must angle , then slowly up state up, completed 3-4 group, each group 15-20 a.
Action self: in the middle of lifting from the bottom, supporting you must feel is the strength of the waist, not driving you up the arm, the entire process should feel back in force.
Fitness advantage: major exercises of lateral lumbar muscles, reduces waist on either side of the dewlap. You can also make your waist more effective, reduce backache caused by sedentary.

Act four: clip chest exercises
The upper body upright, legs and shoulder width, hands holding the fitness circle, pressure in the chest to slowly until fitness circle becomes “0″ type, and then slowly relax, fitness circle reinstated, complete 3-4 groups, each group of 20.
Action self: exercise as a whole, must seize the fitness circle inward force, is hard to achieve the exercise effect on the chest. Action must be slow, is necessary.
Fitness advantage: this set of exercises is chest, can make you more strong in the chest, chest relaxation, MM of SAG distress may have to try this exercise.

Act five: back side volume legs
Lying on the ground, legs bent put together, arm flattened, put his hands in the back, upper body lift slightly, turn right in front, then turn left in front, you can turn around, can also finish, and then do the other side. Complete 3-4 groups, each group of 15-20.
Action self: in the process, the body has been slightly lift the State of. Rotation range is subject to the elbow is not magnetic.
Fitness advantage: this exercise abdominal muscles on the outside, you can have your little brute lumbar stationery-free front side back is a perfect arc.

Movement VI: push-ups
Facing the ground, the body straight, hands finger supporting the body forward, feet put together, arm slowly bends, elbows out, slowly moving down the body, to arm small arm bent at a 90 long, slowly straighten the arm, body slowly with upward motion. Complete 3-4 groups, each group of 20.
Action self: in the course of action, note the arm and head and neck chest and ankle in the same plane. If you think it’s too difficult, or knee on my knees, leg cocked.
Fitness advantage: this set of major exercises in the chest, abdomen flat is also good.

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