First, push-ups
Tricks explain: put your knees together kneeling on the ground, two-foot lift, bend forward, hands and shoulder width, keeping the back straight and hips tightened; slowly bent arms to chest touched the ground, then slowly push the body up, back to the place. To keep chest muscle tensions, moves to the highest point is not completely straight, elbow, repeated 10 times. When doing this exercise, chest must stand tall, do not hang, tighten the abdominal muscle, when the body drop waist not to collapse.
Second, the UPUP
Tricks details: hands in the chest put the palms together, elbow elevation as much as possible, pushing left; ventral arching collection, with the power of shoulder arm up straight as far as possible, not on tiptoe, waist following don’t force; Combination of  Ten hands behind, try to stretch after.
Three, respiratory
Tricks detailed: cross one’s legs sat, and two feet end put together; two knee as far as possible down, and upper body as far as possible up stretch, and two arm as far as possible up straight; with nasal suction, control double shoulder does not Shang lift, full extended Thoracic outlet, while upper body Qian pour, and abdominal as far as possible Xia pressure; upper body pour to maximum, screen live respiratory; until holding not gas Shi, and edge with mouth breathes out edge lift up upper body, two arm not forced. After a bit of adjustment rose to breathe 5, repeating this action 5~10. Respiratory process may stretch the upper abdomen, but stomach must be tightened. Respiratory rhythm is moderate, should not be too fast or too slow.
Four, swimming, sit up, and so on.