Today, there are about two million American women who have had some type of surgical procedure to cosmetically enhance their breasts. Incredibly, many of them will also have to have their implants removed in the next four to six years. These removal or replacement surgeries are not uncommon and are, in fact, often the norm. A major reason for these second surgeries occurs when calcification begins to form around the implants as a way for the body to protect itself from the “foreign” object. This calcification can harden and begin to cause significant pain.
Breast enhancement may certainly be worthwhile for some women, however, to have two very expensive surgeries within five years is not what the average woman would deem acceptable, especially considering how much pain and discomfort (and time off work) that is usually experienced during each procedure.
In addition to very expensive and painful surgical procedures, each patient goes through the very probable scenario of getting an incredible life-threatening infection. The patient is often susceptible to extreme skin or blood infections that can cause scaring as a result of exposing the body to a number of instruments and products. Though the possibility of death is rare, these infections can cause extreme sickness and problems throughout the body for some time.
Further, complications can occur with general anesthesia, a process of putting the patient to sleep for the duration of the operation. The estimates are that one out of 250,000 people die from complications with general anesthesia during various types of surgeries.  This has prompted many doctors to move towards using local anesthetic, which is not recommended for such procedures as breast augmentation surgery.
Reducing Painful Surgeries Is the Focus: But It Falls Short
Though doctors and the healthcare industry have worked on reducing the pain, infection rates, and complications, there will always be a degree of risk to any procedure. Yet, it is fair to ask: Is there a better alternative for breast enhancement? Does every woman need to go through a battery of examinations and a risky trip to the cold surgical room to have their breasts stuffed with silicon?  Is there a better way?
Fortunately, there are alternatives that exist today for women who are interested in enhancing the fullness of her breasts. Science is not far behind the knife, as researchers often focus on cures and treatments of disease randomly stumble upon some “spillover” benefits to their research. Breast enhancement is certainly one of those advancements that are beginning to impact the breast enhancement industry.
Studying what triggers the growth of breasts has had some effective implications for the cosmetic world of breast enhancement. The ability to naturally enhance a woman’s breast is now a reality today without painful surgery. For example, a breast serum that works with the body to gently but effectively deliver measureable growth rate is clinically proven. A leading brand is Triactol, a safe and natural way to increase breast size in a manner that is less invasive than being cut with a knife. Using Triactol should be a consideration for women who are actively trying to increase the fullness of their breasts.