If signing a death release form gives you second thoughts about getting a cosmetic procedure like breast augmentation, than you better think again.  As inherent with any surgical procedure, elective or necessary, you will need to sign a “death release” form and often times, a power of attorney form as well. This will free the surgeon from any responsibility in case of your unfortunate death. Further, the power of attorney form also designates someone to deal with your body if you were to die or become unable to wake up from your surgery.
Pretty eye opening, right?  Well, certainly people do it all the time. Yet, every time they take the risk of being the next painful statistic.
Considering an elective procedure like breast surgery, such events like death and coma are rare, but they still do happen.  Women play against such odds every single procedure. Most of the occurrences of injury or death occur from the process of anesthetics, with general anesthesia being the most risky. In any case, if death isn’t frightening to some, many women often have to cope with raging infections after breast enhancement surgeries that can cause massive damage to bodily organs, skin, and wreak havoc on the immune system.
Cosmetic breast surgery can deliver effective results quickly, but the risks, costs, and pain of going under the knife often drive women away. The average breast surgery can cost approximately $5000 to $8000 for just the bare minimum in procedures. The cost of pain medications and follow up treatments may increase the amount significantly. Interestingly, though the surgery might deliver quick results, a significant amount of patients still remain unsatisfied with the results because they feel they actually chose the wrong sized breasts to be implanted. Whether they are too big or still too small, the patient has no choice but to stay with the change or elect to get yet another procedure done once she is fully healed from her first surgery.
Post Surgery Complications Is High Stakes Gambling For The Patient
Many complications can also arise after the post-surgery period that is pretty common enough to warrant some attention from the patient. There are times, for example, where the body simply rejects the implants. Our bodies, acting naturally, try to dispel anything that is foreign to it, including silicone breast implants. The body starts to create a calcified substance that surrounds the implants and hardens around it. This can often be painful and begin to protrude from the skin and make the breast look very bumpy.
Another common post surgery issue is that the silicone implant can “bottom out.” This is where the implant loses the support it has from tissue and basically slips out of its support base. Another surgery would be required to correct the situation. Further a rippling effect could also occur that disrupts the contours of the skin on the breast and will also require another surgery.
Considering the cost, pain, and potential complications of breast surgery, the question is: are there any affordable and natural breast enhancement alternatives? Fortunately, there have been incredible gains in science and research. The ability to naturally increase your breast size is certainly no longer wishful thinking for women. A leading brand is Triactol, which is proven to increase your breast size naturally. Safe and effective, Triactol can be an incredible way to grow your breasts so that you look and feel your best.