When it comes to dating, it’s a dog eat dog world. As a woman, there are many beautiful women out there to compete against when trying to get a man’s attention. In fact, survey after survey suggests that women feel like they are losing the “sex wars” because the competition is so fierce. Many women find themselves frustrated that they rather settle for less, simply because they are tired of playing the game.
Yet, you don’t have to be the most beautiful woman in the room to land the greatest catch. In fact, the most beautiful women often don’t get the best man, but clever women do. A man will certainly be intrigued by a beautiful woman, but they often don’t act on beauty alone and ask them out. In fact, many beautiful women sit at home on Saturday night wondering why their “Ugly Betty” friend can’t rid herself of dates.
As women get older, the competition just keeps on getting difficult. So, just what does a woman do in order to breeze past this incredible competition and snag the best match? There are a few tips that you may consider.
The first thing is that you must always remember: smile. In fact, men will be attracted to a genuine smile more than anything else. A smile is like an open gate. The wider and more inviting the gate, the more attention you will get.
There are two rules when it comes to smiling. The first is that it must be genuine. And the second the timing is important. You must first make eye contact, then you slowly grow your smile until it’s reciprocated back to you. The smile might be confusing to some men, but he won’t be able to take his thoughts off you, until he approaches you. He might be thinking any number of things: “Have we met before?” “Does she want me to approach?” or “Is she interested?” He could be standing next to the most beautiful woman in the room, but still be thinking of you.
Next, focus your body language on positioning. Allow the man you are interested the room to approach you. If you surrounded by friends, position your body to create an extra space next to you. Women tend to huddle together as a protective measure, which most men read as a large road block.
Once the gates are open and you’ve positioned yourself for a safe landing, don’t be surprised if much attention comes walking though that gate. The next item to consider is laughter. Now to generate competition among men – even if you aren’t interested in them – you are going to need to use your laughter. Men will fight among themselves to get close enough to a woman to hear her laugh.
Now once you get your man close, realize it or not, the attention will now shift to your breasts. If you are showing just a slight of cleavage or if your top is able to accentuate the full profile of your breasts, your man will simply not be able to leave your side. This is what you want as you are able to spend time with him figuring out if he is worth your investment.
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