Breast enhancement  food without spending money? Modern medicine provides that  food have a great relationship with women breast development . You know,breastglands that is rich in fat tissue, apart from part of the population due to congenital genetic relationships and their own endocrine cause Gynecomastia peers faster than external, to strengthen the  development of breasts day after tomorrow, eat some more conducive to stimulating the endocrine food has become particularly important.

food for breast enhancement without spending money? Title of King of owned the fruit durian, are many women of all ages. Durian pulp containing starch in 11%, 13%, sugar, protein 3%, there are many other vitamin, nutrient rich. Thailand people disease, women’s postpartum to Durian nourishing body. Local people are treating them as “King of tropical fruits”. Also suitable for breast enhancement of women, and more beneficial to the protein supplement.

Walnut with breast enhancement effect of food, it combined with other substances such as proteins better.

OME papaya soup originating from Koryo dynasty palace of the famous herbal-erotic fill milk soup. Han guoqing Hee University experts from Southeast Asian fan of subtropical mountain papaya, Plum, deep sea fish bone collagen in more than 30 species of natural plant extract nutrients in breast, directly to the feeding of breast cells so that wizened cells bulge up fundamentally plump, firm breasts, full resolution of flat small, sagging breasts, relaxation, spread.