Beauty of the female breast, no words can interpret fully. From young to mature, it has always been female best friend also witnessed a woman from girl to woman, from the dapple of Apple to the maturing process. Therefore, thechestis the female charm features to make breasts become firm, we must first start with the diet. Sowhat can breast enhancement? Breast enhancement 100,000 whyyou recommend 8breast enhancement recipe, help you to enhance the female charm!

Honey Peanut Sesame
“Drunken” peanuts 150 grams, black sesame seeds 80 g.
“Ingredients” condensed milk, salad all adequate.
“Approach” 1, FRY cooked for peanut kernel; black sesame fried to be used.
2, with the amount of condensed milk peanut mix, sprinkle with black sesame.
“Prompt” had better not go outside of peanut “red”, because of their excellent blood effect. Black Sesame fried cooked crushed after joining, so to be fully absorbed by the body.
“Breast enhancement highlights” peanuts and black sesame is famous for its rich in vitamin e, can cause ovarian development and improvement, to increase the mature egg, stimulating the secretion of estrogen, which promotes breast tube growth, breast growth. Sesame also has a powerful anti-aging substance in Sesame phenols, is important to prevent women aging nourishing food, where the content is very rich in b vitamins, can promote the metabolism, in favour of estradiol and progesterone synthesis, so it can play a beautiful chest,breast enhancementeffect.

Fermented rice medlar quail eggs
“Drunken” Fructus lycii 20 grams, fermented rice 100 g, magpie Crow eggs 15.
“Ingredients” crystal sugar, starch the appropriate amount.
“Approach” 1 crane quail eggs cooked, peeled; medlar with warm bubbles swell, stand-by.
2, place the fermented glutinous rice in casserole, plus the amount of sugar, down into the medlar, and cranes with quail eggs boil, thicken, as.
“Prompt” crane nourishing effect stronger than eggs of quail eggs, but if there are special circumstances, you can also use eggs. Utility better than egg yolk proteins, cholesterol advantageous to gynecomastia. Therefore must not abandon yolk part.
“Breast enhancement highlights” breast enhancement of fermented glutinous rice and eggs is very traditional food, enzymes of fermentation, active substances and the b vitamins help mammary gland development. Cranes in the quail eggs rich in protein, b vitamins and vitamin a, vitamin e, and so on.

Senior citizen’s corn and sparerib soup
“Drunken” dangshen 15 g, Huang Qi’s 15 g, 80 g of yellow corn, small pork ribs 250 grams.
“Ingredients” Salt to taste.
“Approach” 1, corn, washed, chopped small ribs wash, using boiling water add iron to floating foam, from the reserve.
2, corn, small ribs together with codonopsis pilosula, Astragalus and drop into the cooking pot, add five or six bowls of water stew, boiled for about 40 minutes until steak cooked to fall salt seasoning.
“Breast enhancement highlights” codonopsis pilosula, Astragalus has fill effect of gas-solid, and corn soup with pork ribs, small, not just for soup is delicious sweet, you can also promote the body absorbs vitamin e contained in maize, promoting the hematopoietic function and blood circulation, maintain normal secretion of the hormone, highlighting women’s natural development features.

Papaya burned fish
“Drunken” fresh fish 350 grams, papaya and 400 grams.
“Ingredients” onions, ginger, vinegar, salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, MSG the appropriate amount.
“Approach” 1, fish gills, internal organs, wash, cut into 3 cm long; health and wash the papaya, cut Melon rind, dropped nuclear, cut into 3 cm long and 2 cm thick.
2, casserole put on the fire, add appropriate amount of water, fish, papaya pieces, onions, ginger and vinegar, salt, soy sauce, cooking wine when burning to cooked, add MSG is needed.

Herb black chicken soup
“Main ingredient”, Chinese Yam, Fuling, 150 grams of white atractylodes Rhizome, chenpi 8 g, powder of placenta hominis 12 grams, and 1/2 chicken.
“Ingredients” salt, ginger, the appropriate amount.
“Approach” 1 Add atractylodes macrocephala and Yam, Fuling, black chicken with orange peel into the casserole, salt, ginger, pepper and water adequate, with fire in stew to silky fowl skilled.
2, in the placenta powder slightly cooked for a while.

Mutton and porridge
“Drunken” 150 g fresh mutton, rice 100 g.
“Ingredients” the moderation of the salt, pepper, onions, ginger.
“Practice” wash cut mutton Fried Diced pork with, into the appropriate amount of water in the casserole cooked with rice porridge, gruel and cook until thick add seasoned salt and pepper, onions, ginger.

Carrot stew beef
“Drunken” carrot 100 g and 150 g of beef.
“Ingredients”, soy sauce, salt, pepper, star anise, sugar the appropriate amount.
“Approach” 1 beef, carrots, wash, at the same time into a pot of stew cooked in 30 minutes.
2, when quick Pan joined, soy sauce, salt, pepper, star anise, sugar.

Fried garlic burn Lei Yue Mun
“Drunken” Lei Yue Mun 1 (500 grams), 100 g with bamboo shoots.
“Ingredients” garlic, ginger, soy sauce a little.
“Practice” live carp profile 1, offal, gills and scales, using corn oil fried to a golden brown.
2, bamboo shoots, garlic slices, cut the ginger capsules, and fried fish with firing, and fried with soy sauce.
“Prompt” carp have a diuretic effect, lipid-lowering effects than other fish. Cellulose-rich with bamboo shoots, intake of fat, cholesterol can be eliminated from the body by stool. Cleaning agent of the ginger and garlic are blood, can reduce cholesterol in the blood, fat dissolved.

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