Q: I am a trainer, there are many breast enhancement  exercise. But I am ashamed of, as a fitness instructor, my chest is small and not quite, to work with several colleagues, chest is very mellow. They often joke, said I was Kinda flat, although they are not malicious, which is also a bit uncomfortable.what  motion to breast enhancement? I tis not often said, sport is the best way to breast enhancementit? I every day to exercise, why chest not?

A: the experts ‘ comments :How to breast enhancement,chest movement and deep breathing exercises, chest muscles are the most beneficial. Can also eliminate Vice ugly on both sides of breast milk. However, in order to achieve better results, some girls go, sooner or later insisted that efforts to breast enhancement. But do not expect good, chest will not change, so give up midway. So what time is the best period of breast enhancement?

Expert advice: exercise +breast enhancement massage= “holding” beauty

Female sports breast enhancement methods,How to breast enhancement, in fact, thisis  because the muscles after exercise is not receive basic consolidation, muscles have to have a texture or flexible, once the campaign stop, muscles will be adjusted based on its own, may restore the original state. Like many people after weight-loss campaign, to massage to relax muscles, chest muscles also needs massaging. To do this after the campaign to have the correct method of chest massage, it will make your chest muscles strengthen, a long time, also once again become big and quite of nature. And the movement itself is a long-term process, to achieve the desired effect you want to crash, terrorist is not so easy.