Despite the economic downturn, nearly 360,000 breast augmentation procedures occurred in 2008. Though several years old, the statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, indicate that pressure for women to get cosmetic breast surgeries are higher than ever. Yet, as the numbers of breast enhancement surgeries continue to remain high, so do the incidents of complications – and death.
In fact, any woman considering getting breast surgery for cosmetic reasons should thoroughly look into the risks before proceeding. As with any surgery, there are inherent possibility of infections, excessive bleeding and blood loss, and rarely, death. There are other complications that can stem from human error, especially with the anesthetic procedures. Usually, general anesthetic is undergone where the patient is “put to sleep” for the duration of the operation. This is best way to deal with pain, but it is also the riskiest. When making significant incisions into the body, the possibility of hematoma, or blood vessel rupturing, can generate a significant blood loss episode as well.
After the surgery, the complication possibilities continue with several common ailments. For example, your body can reject the implants altogether. This is known as Implant Extrusion and can cause a world of hurt with a necessary and immediate follow up surgery. In other incidents, sometimes necrosis can occur, which is a significant death of surrounding body tissue. If this happens, action from the primary care doctor and plastic surgeon needs to be taken immediately as the dead tissue can cause a whole host of problems for you.
Scaring is also a common result of surgeries. Some skin types scar more radically than others. Large scars can occur, especially with inexperienced plastic surgeons (who tend to charge less than experienced plastic surgeons).  There are various types of breast enhancement procedures that can be performed which can minimize the possibility of scaring, such as going through the belly button, armpit, or through an incision around the areola. But all these have their pros and cons and should be reviewed before surgery.
An Effective Alternative to Breast Surgery
Is there an effective alternative for breast enhancement to surgery? Fortunately, science and research have finally found a way to increase the size of women’s breasts with advancements in the study of breast growth. The ability to naturally increase the size of your breast without undergoing surgery is sure to be welcomed by women from all walks of life. This process has also allowed for an affordable, less invasive solution to be made widely available to women who weren’t able to get passed the economic barriers to breast enhancement.
For women, who are considering breast augmentation surgery but do not have the money or the mental will to undergo such a procedure and face all the risks, would benefit from trying a natural solution first.  Triactol is known to deliver optimal breast enhancement results for a fraction of the cost and with no side effects. Because Triactol puts the control in your hands, you can determine exactly how much growth you want by either holding back on the application or continue use. With Triactol, there is finally a way to avoid the cost, pain, and potential consequences of surgery and instead, increase the size, shape, and perkiness of your breasts.