Because your chest Pacific ,did feel inferior? I will gathered for you a lot ofbreast enhancement recipe, as long as you keep a period of time,  you  will enjoy the secondary development of happiness in the chest. Do you feel inferior because of chest Taiping? Palace Queen’s breast enhancement recipes to help you, eat out full beautiful chest, let you arching do confident women.

Breast enhancement products, what are the breast enhancement food?
First, the chicken soup for the elderly:
Materials: 1 Angelica, Astragalus 2 money, 4 chicken legs 1, water bowl.
1. wash the chicken legs and cut.
2. place the chicken in water, to boil by the fire.
3. then in the Astragalus, and stewed with chicken legs to 7 medium, into Angelica, and cook about 5 minutes, and add a little salt.
Expert exhortation: Angelica, Astragalus Qi, woman as long as the blood decently, menstruation is normal, promote secretion of breast health. 丰胸食品-归耆鸡汤

Second, peanut halogen Trotter:
Material: peanut 42, Trotter 1, 5 water bowls, Salt to taste.
1. wash the peanut, alternate.
2. the pig half into quick-boiled hot water, then wash from the spare.
3. will be more than prepared material placed in the water, to boil by the fire, then stewed 1 hour with a small fire.
4. Add appropriate amount of salt.
The exhortation of experts: high fat content of peanut, Trotter is rich in glioma, are promoting the development of chest effects, it may be can eat 1 time 3 days give it a try! 丰胸食品-花生卤猪蹄