Want breast enhancement, you firstly have to know that breast enhancement is not so fast, a few days of chest can, that is containing hormones. what Food can make  breast enhancement? A lot of “Pacific Princess” will be very interested, in particular, we now recommend several delicious and easy to cook “breast enhancement cuisine”, I believe you according to the following menu of cooking, alternating between enjoying food, the body will also be conditioning sth

Pig-tailed chicken feet with mushroom soup:

Material: pig tail 2, chicken feet 6 3, mushrooms 3 flowers, water bowl, a pinch of salt:

1. the mushrooms soft, cut in half, chicken feet on cutting, the standby.

2. the pig tail slab and quick-boiled hot.

3. put prepared material  in the water and rolling fire cooking then small, about 1 hour survived, and then add a little salt.

Peanut halogen Trotter:

Material: peanut 42, Trotter 1, 5 bowls, salt water adequate practices:

1. wash the peanut, alternate.

2. the pig half into quick-boiled hot water, then wash from the spare.

3. prepared material  in the water, to boil by the fire, then stewed 1 hour with a small fire.

4. Lastly add the right amount of salt.

Chicken soup for the elderly:

Materials: 1 Angelica, Astragalus 2 money, 4 chicken legs 1, water bowl practices:

1. wash the chicken legs and cut.

2. place the chicken in water, to boil by the fire.

3. then in the Astragalus, and stewed with chicken legs to 7 medium, into Angelica, and cook about 5 minutes, and add a little salt.

Milk cereals:

Materials: milk, cereal, the appropriate amount

Practice: mixed with two kinds of materials to a small fire to cook for about 10 minutes, cereal expansion to the flame.

Stewed fish with papaya:

Material: green papaya half, fish 1 (along with personal preferences, is best suited to fish stew), 4 bowls, a pinch of salt water practices:

1. wash the papaya and cut first, and then into a stew in water, roll to fire first boiled, then small stew of about half an hour.

2. then fish slab, put together and cook until cooked and add a little salt.

what food  can  breast enhancement? opinion and suggestion:

1. glial foods rich in glioma, which is breast enhancement necessary, food such as: chicken feet, duck feet, beef tendon, German pig knuckle lunch, pig tails.

2. papaya. Fish, meat and milk because foods rich in protein, is strengthening the chest and share.

3. celery, walnuts and vegetables such as red kidney beans because contains rich vitamin e foods, are conducive to the development of chest.

4. broccoli, cauliflower and sunflower seed oil and other food because those containing vitamin a, beneficial hormone secretion.

5. vitamins of b-containing beef, milk, beans and pork liver, may contribute to hormone synthesis

6. take months of royal jelly in a row, will be able to  breast enhancement , because of stimulating hormone secretion function of royal jelly.

7. the use of massage of chest, breast health, such as friction approaches to increasing breast is also convenient and effective.

Food can eat breast enhancement? life care:
Regardless of ismassage breast enhancementalso isfood breast enhancement, are is a progressive of slow process, need long-term of adhere to only may will some effect. impossible immediate. while also don’t mess eat mess smudgebreast enhancement products, because effective fast of products, must is contains hormone of, and hormone will led you of endocrine disorders, does not conducive to health, and stopped with Hou chest and rebound. hope eat what food can breast enhancement on you has help.