Weight loss or the quest for weight loss has been overwhelming a huge percentage of adults for many years yet there has been a significant surge in obesity among the young and the old. That seems ironic but it really is not. After all, most of those who want to lose weight go on diets that are unhealthy and never achieve long term success.

Make a commitment to yourself, your body and your mind and stop dieting — from now on and forever more. As a matter of fact, I suggest that you should stop worrying about your weight as well. Instead, commit to getting on the path to a healthy lifestyle that will ultimately lead you to more energy and vitality, improve your mental capacity, afford you emotional stability and reward you with a good looking body that you can be proud of.

So how will changing your lifestyle help you lose unwanted fat? Just follow my reasoning and everything will become crystal clear:

1. Come to terms with the understanding that fat is an essential storage for your body, it is the source of energy that drives your every function and it acts as an insulation agent. You, therefore, do not ever want to be rid of it completely. The American Dietetic Association suggests that the average woman should carry 20 to 25% body fat and the average man should carry 15 to 18% body fat. However, the female athlete usually carries only 10 to 20% while the male athlete carries only 5 to 12%. Dropping your body fat to lower levels is dangerous and can result in serious health issues.

2. Food is not your foe, so enjoy its goodness at every wholesome meal. Always remember that food is what fuels your body and is vital to sustaining your life. To lose excess fat you will want to reduce your meal portions and to choose healthy natural foods such as plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts. Do not ever attempt to cut your caloric intake drastically. Do it slowly and no more than 500 calories at a time, and avoid refined sugars and processed foods.

3. Muscles help your body burn up and lose surplus fat. For that reason you want to increase and maintain your muscles by lifting weights and doing resistance exercises, by eating protein at every meal and by never allowing your body to go into a starvation mode or it will burn the muscles rather than the fat. Do you recall that I had suggested in the beginning of this article that you stop worrying about your weight? Well, this is the perfect time to explain myself.  As you build your muscles, your body will become more compact and you will definitely lose inches. However, if you step on the scale you may note that you had gained weight. Oh, no! What went wrong? Do not despair! You now weigh more because muscles are heavier than fat. So, get off the scale and look into your full-length mirror. See how great you look? Don’t you love your new body? I congratulate you and you should do the same!

4. Avoid hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils and trans-fatty acids which have been recognized as silent killers among researchers. Besides having too many calories and little to no nutritious value, these harmful fats have been decisively shown to cause non-insulin dependent type II diabetes or hyperinsulinmia which can, over time, burn out the pancreas and result in insulin dependent diabetes. Having said that, I must caution you against cutting out all fats. Your body needs fatty acids to work at its best. So do not exclude oils from your diet just be discriminatory about which one to allow.