Size Does Matter and it matters to most of them. Studies of women across the world show that most of them (around 86%) prefer a large penis as opposed to a smaller one. This is one of the main reasons why most men worry about the size of their penis sometime or the other in their life.

Those who fall short on this assessment need not resign themselves to a sexually frustrating life. Thankfully, penis enlargement and penis enhancement is possible by adopting several proven methods. Two of the most popular methods among men who seek larger penis size are SizeGenetics and PenisHealth.

While you are in for great gains when you use any of these products, the best formula to reap tremendous benefits is to adopt both these products together. Natural exercise plans like the ones shown on the PenisHealth DVDs in combination with penis extenders like SizeGenetics work much faster to enlarge the penis significantly.

Thousands of men who have adopted the two products in combination find that they have been able to enlarge their penis by 1-3 inches and also dramatically enhance their sexual performance.  You can get this combination by ordering SizeGenetics System from

The SizeGenetics

The clinically proven SizeGenetics enlarges the size of your penis by using the penis stretch method. You need to place the extender on your penis by following the simple instructions that come with the product. Next, you need to set a particular tension that pulls at the penis with just right intensity to increase the size of the penis. This slow gradual traction helps in adding inches to the penis.

The tension that SizeGenetics applies results in multiplication of the cells of the penis tissue. This, in turn, results in significant increase in penis size. The whole process is quite similar to how your muscles grow when you do weight training.

Size Genetics is not only a medically proven product; it is also completely safe and guarantees great results. The results have been so astounding that it is acclaimed by international media as the “Rolls Royce of Penis Enlargement”.

The PenisHealth

Just like weight training helps muscle growth, penis exercises enable penis enlargement. Proper exercise will not only help in growing the size of your penis, it will also increase the flow of blood into the region. This, in turn, will help the penis to achieve a much bigger and longer lasting erection.

There is a point of concern here though. Not knowing how to perform these exercises can end up straining the penis tissue. Seemingly simply exercises like jelqing and kegels can hurt the penis if not performed with acute precision. Therefore, it is crucial that to achieve maximum advantage from these exercises, you follow a ‘visual’ instruction and understand fully well how to perform these exercises.

PenisHealth is a complete package of 100+ videos and 200+ pictures to provide you step-by-step by instructions to perform penis exercises. You just need to spend only 7 minutes a day and see your penis grow within a few weeks.

The SizeGenetics + PenisHealth Synergy = SizeGenetics System!

The SizeGenetics system combines the power of penis extender and penis exercises. They work effectively in combination with each other and produce holistic results. The best part is that exercises help in reducing the time the device needs to be worn.

The exercises work from within the penis by increasing the flow of blood in the area, while SizeGenetics works from outside by providing the necessary tension, to increase the size of the penis up to 4 inches. Individually too these products produce fantastic results, but when used in combination the results are multiplied manifold.

So if you are looking for most effective and permanent solution to your small penis problem, the SizeGenetics system could be your best shot to glory.

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