Breast fullness or not and how much breast adipose tissue-related. Autologous fat breast enhancementis to extract the beautiful themselves some parts like abdomen, buttocks, thighs, adipose tissue, after purification treatment and then into the beautiful breasts to meetbreast enhancement effect. Due to the transplantation of fat from the  itself, so there is no prosthetic breast enhancement possible rejection and possible disadvantages of scars left by the body, but also to treasure, achieve the effect of breast enhancement, local slimming down two birds with one stone.

However, nothing is absolutely perfect thing, since improper application of fatty breast enhancement can also trigger adverse consequences. Then,autologous fat breast enhancement short comings mainly in those areas?

1, requires multiple injections

Autologous fat breast enhancement General injection volume of breast 50~150 ml per side at a time. As some of the fat will be absorbed, so general injection 2~3 is required to achieve the desired degree of fullness, injection time 2-3 months apart at a time. Best use of the many small amounts of fat transplantation, avoid harm to the breast.

2, not the huge injection of fat particles

Provisions does not comply with proper operation, autologous fat breast enhancement one-time centrally injected too much fat, which produces a lot of fat, it will cause insufficient blood supply of breast, cause the introduction of  fat necrosis, dissolved, or even can lead to infection, causing cysts, breast deformation, fat necrosis, and so on.

3, higher requirements for medical technology

Autologous fat is the key to successful breast enhancement Surgery Plastic Surgeon must master the level, scope and volume of injection for injection. it is not a simple means of autologous adipose breast enhancement surgery and injection, key technologies of high exhaustion, infection and other complications from the attending physician does not cross the border. So be sure to select a formal receiving this plastic surgeon of the hospital and has extensive experience.

4, on the beautiful conditions themselves higher

Autologous fat on breast enhancement surgery and beauty have certain restrictions, not suitable for small special flat chest, skin tension, own adipose tissue less crowds.

Above disadvantage is autologous fat breast enhancement, but should remind the female breast enhancement: some bad plastic bodies in order to attract customers, in advocacy often highlight of fat in breast enhancement of an enabling, on possible side effects have evaded or perfunctory. In order to avoid beauty not against being disfigured may, basic cosmetic and beauty should have common sense and with their responsible attitude to strong medical technology of plastic body find experienced plastic doctor do surgery.