Boost Your Enlargement with Supplements
Men of all ages are always wondering how to make their penis larger — some have even gone to great
lengths by using surgery to increase the size of their penis.  However, most men do not realize that
they can take natural products to increase the size of their penis.  This avoids the dangers and recovery
time that is associated with a surgery.
Men that desire to have an enlarged penis are turning to MaleExtra because of the positive results
they can achieve.  On average, most men will realize an overall gain in both girth and size of
approximately 58%!  This is a staggering figure considering that this positive outcome is due to an all-
natural product.
Effective Ingredients
Unlike the male enhancement products that are available from less-effective competitors, MaleExtra
contains 1500mg of all-natural ingredients that enhance a male’s penis.  The main ingredient in this
supplement is pomegranate 70% ellagic, which is widely known as nature’s Viagra.  It not only
increases the hardness of your erection, but also helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction to
have and keep an erection effortlessly.
Some of the other ingredients that are contained in the supplement are L-Arginine, Muira Pauma,
Flaxseed, Tongkat Ali and more. These natural ingredients help to increase the blood flow from to the
penis, as well as increase the sex drive and performance of the man.  Some of the added benefits
include better overall health of the penis, higher testosterone levels and increased fertility.
Exercises Increase Size & Performance
Men that have used MaleExtra in conjunction with penis enlargement exercises are able to achieve
their results even faster.  Penis enlargement exercises help to increase the girth and size of a man抯
penis — in order to make it grow, the penis needs to exercise.  The MaleExtra supplement provides
the penis with the nutrients it needs to ensure permanent expansions in both size and girth. Some of
the exercises that men should be performing include kegeling and jelqing.
*    The first exercise, kegeling, works on the muscle that controls ejaculation and erections.  By
conditioning this muscle, a man can have a harder erection for a longer period of time, as well
as reducing the chances of premature ejaculation.
*    Jelqing is the process of pushing more blood into the tissues of the penis that make it larger.
By exercising the tissue to hold more blood, a man experiences a penile erection that is longer
and wider in size.
While these are just two of the exercises a man can perform to enlarge their penis, it is clear that
when it is used in combination with MaleExtra supplements, a man can reach the goals that they have
been longing for.
Men no longer have to search and envision having a larger penis because MaleExtra and penis
enlargement exercises can provide actual results in a matter of weeks.  Start enjoying life and sex
again by enlarging your penis naturally!