Autologous fat breast enhancement is good? we are here to listen to expert’s advice. Breast enhancement expert pointed out that autologous fat breast enhancement is excess fat absorption to other parts of the body itself out of injections to the bottom of the breast increases breast volume after a surgery. Autologous fat breast enhancement is suitable for smaller breasts, breast beauty of mild atrophy, women, and itself must have excess fat for use in other parts. Operation gets fat through liposuction methods, and then by rinses, filtration and then into the breast and the gaps between the pectoralis major muscle. At the same time also played a slimming effect, can be called two birds with one stone.

We can from the advantages of autologous fat injection breast enhancement you can see that this surgery really well. Its main advantages:

First, experts graft harvesting easier organization abundant sources, injection materials available from the local fat accumulation of parts of minimally invasive aspiration surgery through a fine filter, select high quality live fat, easy operation, safe and reliable, and easy to survive.

Second, the selection of graft for tissue, it is far superior to any biological characteristics of dissimilar materials. Because it is part of the body, and there is no rejection of disorder, will not produce sensitive symptoms and common concerns of postoperative complications of autologous fat injection breast enhancement will be reduced to the extreme.

Third, often in the local fat accumulation of parts of the abdomen, hips extract, such as fat, and these sites are often also affecting the sensitive area of the shape curve, so in addition to breast enhancement, you can also achieve the weight loss body sculpting results, two birds with one stone.

IV, surgery is just one needle, without the need to split the pleural effusion, ultra low-invasive, no traces after this operation, and does not affect the breast after breast enhancement, nursing breaks.

Autologous fat injection breast enhancement effect you? Through the introduction of more, I believe that you are no longer in doubt. Thisbreast enhancement methodis a very effective method, but also varies.