Do you know that frequent, consistent weight loss -in spite of doing all you can to keep the weight stable- could be as a result of hypothyroidism? Surprised; you should be. Most people do not even know what it is to have the thyroid functioning less than it should. Hypothyroidism is responsible for a varied array of symptoms: weight loss, infertility, brittle hard nails, and dry flaky skin. These symptoms alone do not certify the presence of hypothyroidism as they are also associated with other illnesses.However, some knowledge of what hypothyroidism is and how it can affect an individual’s health is in order. Hypothyroidism is a combination of two words: Hypo meaning under, reduced or below normal and thyroid which is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland that secretes thyroid hormones located just below the mythical “Adam’s apple” or better still in the front of the neck.  From this explanation, it is easy to deduce that hypothyroidism means the under-functioning of the thyroid gland in the body.The hormone normally secreted by the thyroid gland is known as Thyroxine. It is also referred to as T4. This means it has four iodine molecules. The hormone is very versatile in its functions. Therefore, it is carried from the thyroid gland to various parts of the body; this includes every tissue in the body. It has the ability to ensure that the body cells tissues and organs function just right. Activities like energy generation are aided by these hormones. Also, the functions of the heart, brain, body muscles are aided by thyroxine. With these, it is clear that thyroxine plays a very vital role in the overall well being of an individual including the tendency to gain weight. When there isn’t enough secretion of the desired hormone –thyroxine being he desired one here- the body processes are interfered with. As a result, processes like the breaking down of calories and carbs to ensure energy increase and minimize weight gain aren’t properly carried out. This is the reason people feel frequently tired when they have hypothyroidism. Now, with the increased incidence of tiredness, comes weight gain. This is because the individual feels too tired to even exercise This also coupled with the inability of the organs in the body to properly break down food components result in increased weight gain. So, as soon as you notice you are getting frequently tired and are gaining weight, see the doctor as soon as possible. Have an enjoyable life.For more information visit: