Muira Puama is a globally acclaimed shrub found in Northern Brazil and some other regions of the Amazon rain forest. It is one of the most famous herbal aphrodisiacs used traditionally for increased sexual desire and sensitivity in men. Therefore, Muira Puama is frequently used as “herbal Viagra alternative” in male health products and supplements such as Male extra pills.
While its sexual benefits as libido-boosting ingredient and aphrodisiac are already well known, the Male extra system, for the first time has presented a unique and highly beneficial aspect of Muira Puama, i.e. How to use Muira Puama to attain and maintain permanent penis enlargement.  But first, let’s review the traditional benefits of Muira Puama.

Strong aphrodisiac for men
Muira puama or “potency wood” is best known for its aphrodisiac or “sexual desire boosting” effects in men. How it is actually caused and is not known yet but the possible mode of action behind this is significant increase in male sex hormone (testosterone) levels by Muira Puama.

Treatment of male impotency
The beneficial use of Muira Puama in the successful treatment of erectile dysfunction has been now proved and backed by various studies and trials. In a French study, which was done on the men with erectile dysfunction or male impotency problems and reduced libido, Muira Puama containing supplement greatly increased libido / sexual desire in up to two third of the subjects. About 50% of the men also reported remarkable improvement in their ability to gain and maintain strong penile erections.

How Muira Puama helps you attain and maintain permanent penis enlargement?
As mentioned in the beginning, this is the most advance use of Muira Puama i.e. to utilize this potent shrub for the permanent penis enlargement.
This idea, for the very first time has been presented by the credible and trust-worthy platform of “Male extra system” brand. Male extra system is basically a two-component system of penis enhancement pills and penis enlargement exercises.
1-Male extra pills: Male extra pills are safe and natural male enhance pills that contain all the recommended and time-tested ingredients for male sexual health such as Cordyceps, Flaxseed, Omega 3 Fatty Acid, Maca, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM), L-Methionine, Tongkat Ali (Asian Viagra), Epimedium Sagittatum (horny goat weed), Muira Puama  & Pomegranate 70% ellagic. Male extra pills work on the principle of immediate, short term penis “enhancement” with a special focus on male impotency (erectile dysfunction).
2-Male extra (PenisHealth) techniques: PenisHealth techniques consist of specific penis work outs that aim to increase penis size on permanent basis so that the benefits of Muira Puama will last even after you discontinue the use of pills. In other words, if you regularly practice the PenisHealth techniques included along with the Male extra enhancement pills to increase your penis size, you will not only get even stronger, harder and bigger erections but will also be able to enlarge your penis on permanent basis.
Finally, while it is easy to buy Muira Puama online or in a health food store as a separate ingredient, the best way to use this wonderful shrub is by choosing a natural and safe male health supplement, e.g. Male Extra, which also contains numerous other natural ingredients to boost and enhance male sexual performance. In addition, you will also be able to utilize the permanent enlargement benefits of PenisHealth exercises which are included in the Male extra system at no additional cost.