Men have wanted larger penises since the beginning of time and they first discovered what they could do with their penises. While at one time having a larger penis was just a fantasy or dream, today many penis enlargement pills are on the market. With the addition of the internet in our lives, penis enlargement pills are everywhere, each offering you the penis of your dreams for just a couple of bucks.

Unfortunately, another thing the internet has provided us with is rip-offs. How can you tell a penis enlargement pill advertisement that’s a rip-off from the real deal? Here are some helpful tips on how to spot the penis enlargement pills rip-offs.

Ingredients are probably one of the most important things to look for when you’re considering buying penis enlargement pills. While it may not be the MOST important, it’s right there on top. All of our lives we’ve been told that vitamins and minerals are important for our bodies. This is very true; however, it’s going to take more than just some simple vitamins to make your penis larger.

Don’t pay big bucks for something that you can buy in a bottle on the counter in your grocery store. Look for ingredients that are known for male enhancement, such as pomegranate, which is a main ingredient in MaleExtra. Another thing that MaleExtra provides is a listing of all their ingredients, which is very important.

Reviews and Feedback is very important when buying any products, but especially something new like penis enlargement pills. You don’t want to be the first consumer to try their product. Check the reviews and feedbacks and not just on their site. The reviews and feedback needs to be genuine to be useful. Yahoo Answers is a great place to post a question about the product you’re considering. Another option is doing a Google search. If you buy penis enlargement pills from a company that’s received several bad reviews, you’re asking for trouble.

Security is the most important thing when ordering your penis enlargement pills, or anything for that matter. No one wants to be ripped off by a fraudulent company. Make sure the site is secure so you can safely enter your credit card or financial information. A secure site will usually have “https” in the URL as opposed to just “http”.  They may also have an icon of a padlock or key on the top of bottom of the screen.

Price will always play a part in any purchase you make anywhere. However, with so many penis enlargement pills on the web, you’re going to find a variety of price ranges. While we always want to save as much money as possible, don’t look for the cheapest product. Look for the one with the best quality for the price. Again, MaleExtra offers high quality products for your money.

Not only do you get healthful ingredients in their penis enlargement pills but you’ll also receive some very effective penis exercises you can do to increase your penis size while enhancing your sexual performance. In addition, they offer DVDs to help give you more tips to adding some excitement into your bedroom. They’re so sure of their product, that they offer a 90-day free trial and a satisfaction guaranteed or your money back offer. This is what’s referred to as a good product for the price.3293