Many, if not most, men today are looking for the best way to get a larger penis. Feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem are a by product of less than average penis size. The increase in sales of male enhancement products prove just how important this perceived problem is within the minds of most men.

Recent studies have shown that it is not only men who have opened up to question of whether size really matters. Women now concede that they prefer a man with a big fat penis. However, it may be for a different reason than you first think. Women want a man that exudes confidence in everything they do. A well endowed man seems to exert much more confidence, even in everyday activities. Of course, the women admit they do enjoy the extra size in bed, but they really appreciate the confidence a huge penis seems to present their men.

So, knowing both men and women want extra size, the lesson for the day becomes how to have a bigger penis. This topic brings up several other questions. Do the male enhancement pills work? Is surgery the only real answer? What about those stretching gadgets, or hanging weights from your penis? Let’s look at each method.

Male enhancement creams and pills are advertised all over the airways and in most printed media formats today. They are a rapidly growing product. The problem is, product sales is the only thing that is growing. No real penis growth, especially permanent growth, is possible from simply taking a daily pill. The FDA has not approved many of these pills and has even banned some ingredients. This is not a proven method for penile growth.

Surgery may seem like a logical choice, but take a minute to ponder this. Any surgical procedure can leave behind scar tissue. Imagine what that will make a penis look like. A crooked, disfigured or lumpy penis will not do much to increase your self esteem. Penile surgery is also very expensive, and since it is considered elective surgery, it will not be covered by insurance. When you look at the cost as well as possible side effects surgery is just not worth the risk.

Those crazy stretching gadgets fall into the same category as hanging weight from your penis. The same principal applies to both. If you stretch your penis for several minutes on a daily basis it will become longer. Maybe by a fraction of an inch or so, but what about thickness? Even if these methods worked, which they do not, they are not designed to add thickness. Would you really want a longer skinny penis? These products can also cause damage to the capillaries and veins which could lead to permanent impotence. No reason to increase penis size if you will not be able to use it!

The best way to get a larger penis is through a series of exercises designed for one purpose…adding 1 to 4 inches of length and thickness to your penis. An all natural method that requires no pills, no surgery and absolutely no silly stretching devices or weights! All you will need to get the results both you and your lover desire is six minutes per day and your own two hands. This is by far the most promising method of achieving real penis growth available. If you want real results this is the method you will try.