It is important for individuals that would like to lose weight to watch and control the amount of food
that they consume on a daily basis.  There are times when every person has a desire to eat anything
and everything they want; however, our stomachs and bodies can only handle so much food before it
converts the excess into fat.  It is important that you plan out your meals carefully so that you can eat

Appropriate Portion Sizes

One of the most common reasons why individuals are obese is because of overeating.  Many people
are so determined to eat what is on their plate, that they do not realize that they are often consuming
double or triple the amount of food that their stomach can actually hold.  Overeating will expand the
stomach, requiring the same sized meal to be eaten again in order to feel full in the future.

A simple rule of thumb that can be used to consume the right portion is to compare the size of your
meal to a closed fist.  A closed fist is approximately the size of 1 cup and this easy measurement can be
used to approximate the amount of vegetables, rice, fruit or pasta that one should consume at a meal.
For meats and fishes, you should make sure that the portion you are serving yourself is no larger than
the palm of your hand — this is equivalent to approximately a 3-ounce serving.

Avoid Overeating Situations

Controlling the size of your meal will help you lose weight because you will avoid overeating.  Many
people are presented with opportunities to eat too much.  Below are some points to consider that
may help you avoid overeating.

*    If you are cooking at home for a large number of people, serve each dish individually and then
place it on the table.  This will prevent you from reaching for a second helping, as it is not
readily available.
*    For a workweek lunch, take a pre-portioned meal.  This will prevent you from ordering take-
out or going out to lunch with coworkers and ordering dishes that are too large to finish.
*    Avoid eating while drinking alcoholic beverages.  Certain social settings may lead to an
elimination of inhibitions that could result in overeating.

Overeating can cause you to gain considerable weight and reduces your ability to remain healthy.
Portion control is an important step in any weight loss plan.