There may be times when you will be asked to attend a dinner or function at a restaurant.  It may pose
a problem if you are trying to lose weight, since restaurants usually provide their customers with
dishes that contain more food than they need to consume.  These types of meals can destroy a
healthy diet and lead to serious weight gain, unless you plan ahead accordingly.

The Menu

Most of restaurants have a website that will allow you to browse their menu prior to arriving.  This
gives you the opportunity to review the menu in detail, so that you can see what types of foods you
should eat.

Some individuals are very indecisive when ordering from a new menu, especially when they are trying
to select a healthy meal.  By viewing the menu before arriving to the restaurant, you will already know
what you want for dinner and can make the proper choices.

Split Appetizers

If the individuals in your party would like to order appetizers, then you should consider splitting an
appetizer with someone else.  You could also ask that your entree’s accompanying side salad or soup
be served as your appetizer.  If there are no side dishes for your main meal, then you could order a
small house salad.

Avoid the Bread Basket

The bread basket is something that almost all restaurants provide.  However, these breads are high in
carbs and can be counterproductive to your diet plan.  It also makes you become fuller faster, which
means that when the main meal is served, you may attempt to finish the entire thing, which can lead
to overeating.

Fried Foods are the Enemy

Try to avoid ordering any foods that are fried.  These items tend to be battered and the oil that is used
to fry them can also increase your weight.  If a food item is listed as being fried, you should ask your
server if it could be broiled or grilled instead.

Drink Water Not Sodas

Water is your friend.  You should refrain from drinking sodas and other beverages that are high in
sugars, since they can add to the overall amount of calories that you are consuming.  Ask the server for
slices of lemons and limes to give the water an appealing citrus taste.

Eating out a restaurant does not have to impair your ability to lose weight.  By making some smart
decisions about what you are eating, you can be sure that you are making the right decisions.