Smart snacking not only satisfies your hunger, but can also balance out your daily diet.  Eating between
meals presents an individual with the opportunity to increase their metabolism, when the proper
foods are being consumed.  Effective weight loss is directly dependent on the quality and quantity of
foods that we ingest.

Healthy Options

Studies recommend that an individual eat every three hours, within certain guidelines.  Portion control
is an important aspect of smart snacking in order to stay fit and lean.  Some of the healthy food options
that are available for a successful weight loss plan include:

*    Fruits
*    Nuts
*    Trail Mix
*    Crackers
*    Reduced-Fat Cheese
*    Hard-Boiled Egg
*    Reduced-Fat pudding
*    Granola Bar
*    Raisins
*    Pretzels
*    Diet Shake
*    Raw Vegetables

Almost any type of food can be used as a snack, as long as you eat the right serving size and watch
your caloric intake.  Reviewing a product’s nutrition label is one of the easiest ways to eliminate
unhealthy or ineffective foods.  Having all of the facts lets you stay informed and well prepared.

Smart snacking also provides the body with missing nutrients that you do not consume with regular
meals.  For instance, calcium-rich or high-fiber foods can be very beneficial to the body and are found
in many healthy snacks.


Overeating can occur at any point in the day when an individual does not eat enough food, skips a
meal or fails to consume a snack.  Starving one’s body can result in low blood sugar levels and low
metabolism rates.  If an individual resorts to overeating, then weight loss goals may become
unattainable or harder to reach.  In addition, you may begin to experience mood changes and have a
loss of energy.  These negative side effects should be avoided at all costs.

With smart snacking, you have the ability to maintain a well-balanced body that contains all of the
essential nutrients and vitamins it needs to help you lose weight.  Curbing your hunger prevents you
from losing vital fuel that lets you stay focused and motivated.  With precise weight management, you
are more likely to reach your target weight.

By creating a smart snack plan, you can live a healthier life that incorporates weight loss techniques
that let you shed pounds and eliminate excess calories.  Snacks can complement any diet and exercise
routine that you may already have in place.