A food diary can supply you with pertinent information about your weight loss plan.  Without knowing
how you are faring, it is hard to reach your target weight.

Hard Copy Notebook

A traditional way of keeping track of your weight loss progress is to carry around a small notebook or
notepad.  The main benefit of having a hard copy file is that you can carry it around with you at all
times, allowing you to jot things down at any time of the day.

Sometimes, it is easy to forget when and what you have eaten during an entire day.  If you are able to
write it down immediately, then you can have a more accurate depiction of how you are progressing.
Examples of what you should write down in your food diary include:

*    Food consumption
*    Beverage consumption
*    Eating times (beginning time and ending time as well)
*    Allergic reactions
*    Emotional responses
*    Activities that you are involved in at time of eating

Your notebook should also have a summary page of calories for the common foods that you eat.  This
allows you to record how many calories you have consumed during a particular day, which can be
written right next to the food item.

Evaluating how quickly you eat or how long you wait between meals is very important as well.  This
data lets you know if you are waiting too long to eat (which can lead to overeating) or if you are
consuming your food too quickly (which does not allow you to recognize that you are full at the proper

Online Account

Many weight loss websites provide free membership and access to a wide variety of diet tools and
tips.  Some of these tools include a virtual food diary and calorie counter.  The benefit of an online
account is that you can convert your data into charts and reports that disclose your progress.  This
allows you to identify your weaknesses and strengths and how you are developing overall.

Being able to evaluate your eating habits and your total calories quickly can save time.  However, it is
only accessible if you are near a computer.  Yet, some websites have solved this problem by providing
a mobile phone application that can be accessed on the go.

Food diaries allow you to have a more effective weight loss plan.  Knowing what you do throughout
the day lets you identify prob