When you are aware of the types of items that are present in the foods that you eat, you can avoid
consuming harmful products that are counterproductive to your weight loss goals.  A nutrition labels
allows you to keep track of your caloric intake so that you can adjust your portions accordingly.  It also
lets you select the right foods in order to maintain a healthy diet.


Nutrition or food labels are mandated by government agencies so that consumers become familiar
with a product’s ingredients and the amount of nutrients that it contains.  These labels must display
the information in a preset fashion, so that a consumer can recognize the information quickly and

Serving Size

A label will display the serving size that the product information is based on.  The size will usually be an
everyday snack or meal portion.  Some of the most common data will include the amount of dietary
fiber, fat, cholesterol, sugars, sodium, carbohydrates and protein associated with the food.

Percent Daily Value

A consumer needs to know how much of the product takes up of their recommended daily caloric
diet.  An individual can also see how many percentage points a particular nutrient provides for the day.
A quick glance at the nutrition label provides insightful information that can aid in reaching your weight
loss goals.

Incorporating Nutrition Labels into Your Diet Plan

No matter the type of diet plan that you are following, comparing what you are actually consuming to
what you should be is very important.  These types of evaluations allow you to adjust your food
intake, increase your exercise routine and/or amend your diet plan.  All of these steps aid in weight

Food labels also permit you to identify problem foods that should be eliminated from your diet, as
items that are high in calories need to be reviewed carefully.  In order to shed one pound, an individual
needs to burn 3,500 calories or find a way to eliminate this amount of calories from their daily diet.  By
assessing how many calories a food item has, you can determine whether you can continue eating it or
if you have to find a healthier alternative.

Being fit allows an individual to enhance their exterior appearance, improve their self-esteem and
ward off serious diseases.  Nutrition labels assist a consumer by permitting them to understand what
types of foods can help provide effective weight loss results.