If you are looking to lose weight, then one of the areas that you should focus on is being attentive to
your emotional state.  Many people will consume an excess amount of food items when they are
feeling depressed, guilty and sad.  These individuals find solace in the foods that they eat, which will
end up increasing their weight.  Controlling your emotions can help you lose the weight that you want.

Break the Relationship

Individuals that turn to food when they are mad or depressed must recognize what they are doing to
their bodies.  This is an important step because these individuals need to turn to a healthier alternative
when they experience these feelings; even when food items are switched from unhealthy to healthy
items, individuals that partake in this practice have a tendency to overeat.

Find Alternatives

If you realize that you eat uncontrollably because of a specific emotion(s), then you need to find a
better substitute.  Depending on the strength of these emotions, you may want to consider exercising
when you have an onset of unhealthy feelings.  Nothing will help you lose weight faster, than working
out.  It allows you to use your feelings constructively.

Some additional activities that you can engage in include the following:

*    Biking
*    Swimming
*    Running
*    Pilates
*    Yoga
*    Kickboxing
*    Spinning
*    And more!

Having a productive outlet for these feelings will prevent you from gaining more weight and can
promote a healthy lifestyle.

Determine What Brings On the Emotions

Another way that you can lose weight is to determine what is causing you to find solace in food.  If you
were to prevent these outside influences from entering your life, then you would be able to control
the way that you eat.  While there are some outside forces that we cannot avoid, such as family
members, coworkers, and bosses, it is important that you find a way to deal with these individuals
properly.  If you are in a relationship that is not healthy, then you should consider ending it in order to
regain control over your emotions.

The only person that can lose the weight is you, so you need to make sure that you are aware of what
is making you turn to food as an escape.  Finding creative ways to channel your emotions elsewhere,
allows you to begin living on a positive path that will lead to a healthy body and mind.