When you are ready to purchase an acai berry product, you should only use one that is in the purest
form available on the market.  This allows you to reap the benefits of all the ingredients that this
super-fruit contains.
The Benefits
Freeze-drying the super-fruit keeps it from losing its nutrients, which is exactly what happens 24 hours
after harvest.  From this 100% frozen concentrate, an effective supplement is created to give you an
added boost of energy that leads to faster weight loss.  PureAcaiBerryMax uses this method to
provide their customers with a high-quality product.
The Potency
By avoiding fillers and preservatives that weaken the strength of the acai berry, an individual is able to
consume an organic product that makes them healthier.  A stronger body is more capable of losing
weight effectively, which is why a 100% pure concentration of acai berry is so important.
Studies have shown that an individual needs at least a 1000mg dose of the super-fruit to experience its
full potential.  With PureAcaiBerryMax, customers receive 1500mg doses each day, giving them
maximum potency.  Customers do not have to use trial versions because they are provided a full 6-
month supply for maximum convenience.
The Ingredients
Keeping the berry’s ingredients intact lets customers have the most amount of product for their
money.  When the acai berry is freeze-dried, all of its essential nutrients can make their way into a
high-quality supplement.

?    Vitamin A, C and E
?    19 amino acids
?    Resveratol
?    Anyocyanins
?    Zinc
?    Copper
?    Calcium
?    Magnesium
?    Potassium
?    Vitamin B1, B2 and B3
?    Antioxidants
?    Disease-fighting agents

The acai berry plays a major role in cleansing the body — it helps eliminate toxins and fights the
oxidation process.  In addition, the super-fruit has age-defying qualities that enhance an individual’s
youthful appearance so that they look and feel younger at the same time.
How to Purchase
Many people are inundated with offers from companies that claim to have a good acai berry product.
However, PureAcaiBerryMax actually produces a high-quality product that is backed by a Certificate of
Analysis and Purity.  This means that a customer can rest easy knowing that they will have an all-
natural supplement that really works.
With the right product, you can have a new body, new clothes and new self-confidence.  By
purchasing PureAcaiBerryMax, you will have the opportunity to increase your metabolism, reach your
target weight and have a healthier body.  Don’t wait another minute to place your order today!