Many individuals are not aware of the common causes of weight gain, which can ultimately lead to
serious health consequences.  It is important that you familiarize yourself with how weight gain occurs,
so that you can keep it from happening to you.

1.    A sedentary lifestyle ?Individuals that lead an inactive lifestyle will find that their bodies are
not physically fit.  In addition, some of the major organs in the body will be affected by the lack
of exercise, causing other health problems.  You should take time out of each day to engage in
stretches and some form of cardiovascular exercise to keep your body in good shape.  This will
also give you the energy that you need to stay motivated and increase your metabolism.

2.    Overeating ?This is a common cause that many individuals are guilty of practicing.  It occurs
when an individual does not keep track of or does not care about the amount of food that
they consume.  Most individuals will consume what is put on their plates without first
questioning if it is too much.  You should take the time to portion every meal that you are
going to eat properly in order to ensure that you have the right amounts.

3.    Drinking unhealthy liquids 朚any drinks are loaded with sugars and calories.  You should turn
to water, as it is also makes up an important part of the human body.  Water does not contain
sugars, chemicals or calories.  As a result, it is a complementary beverage for any meal or
snack.  Staying hydrated during exercise is also important.

4.    Routinely skipping meals ?Individuals that skip a meal or do not have a normal eating
schedule will find that they could actually gain weight.  This is due to the body slowing down
the food burning; it will believe that another meal will not be available in the future.  When
you finally do have a meal, the body is not prepared to burn off the calories that you are
consuming.  You should stick to a normal eating schedule in order to have an effective weight
loss plan.

5.    Unhealthy food items ?Eating the wrong foods can lead to weight gain.  A diet that has too
many fatty foods and calories is counterproductive to your weight loss.  You should make
every effort to eat healthy by consuming a meal that is well balanced; you should have
appropriate portions of meat, dairy, vegetables and grains.

Understanding the common causes of weight gain allows you to avoid the downfalls that many other
people experience