How to Eliminate Constipation Using Enemas

Constipation has become a very common ailment or disorder found everywhere in the globe. Recent findings have revealed that the modern day individual has the worst colon and intestine health since the beginning of humanity’s existence. This is due to bad eating and feeding habits. We don’t eat like they used to less than five decades ago. We don’t take as much water as they do. We don’t even have enough exercise –even if it is simple walking around the block.

The society has becomes a society that thrives on instant pleasure and solutions. Hence, the spread of the cankerworm into the very fabric of society. All we rely on are quick fixes. That’s  why we don’t eat healthily anymore. As long as we’ve got sandwich, hot dogs and burgers, instant noodles, chocolate bars etc. we’re satisfied. Unfortunately, these so called “quick fixes” are fast becoming the knives with which we stab ourselves and shorten our lifespan.

The reason there is so much incidence of constipation and stomach disorders is as a result of the fact that we would rather consume lots of sugars instead of taking fruits; and this is killing us and reducing our maximum productivity. Recent estimates have established that over $5b is lost annually in terms of productivity as a result of people taking sick leave just to go treat constipation. If you are above six years old, then, I can bet on it hat you’ve had at least three incidents of constipation in your life. If you think you have never, why don’t we clarify what constipation is.So, to clarify what constipation is, it is simply the inability of an individual to have bowel movements and therefore pass feces.

Constipation is usually very uncomfortable and can even increase from mere discomfort to acute pain resulting from trying and straining to pass stool. This occurs as a result of the intestines inability to have its muscular contractions. Hence, the waste that ought to be expelled at once, starts getting expelled in bits. If it was just this, it might have been better. But when the feces don’t get passed out like they should, it starts building up in the colon; ultimately causing a fecal impaction. Fecal impaction can thus be said to be the build up of  feces in the intestine. Thus build up is what eventually disallows the easy passage of feces as the point of impaction blocks the whole passage way.

Using enemas, you find all you need to know about other methods for colon cleansing and constipation relief.Now that you know all quite a lot about constipation, its attendant effects and its causes, what methods of treatments would be best in the easing an individual of constipation?

1. Eat healthily and as much as possible avoid junk or processed foods. Change over to high fiber foods such as wheat, bran etc.

2. Exercise well, drink lots of water, avoid caffeinated drinks as they dehydrate you, and eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at the required periods.

3. To cure constipation, there are varied methods. The most popular is the use of enemas and laxatives. Since this is what we are looking at in this article, we’ll concentrate on the effect of enemas on constipation.

Enemas are known to be side effect free, wash the colon of all rubbish and ultimately keep you healthy. However, taking enemas can be repetitive and if I am sure of the sort of solution you want, it is a permanent one. So, I’d recommend you try Bowtrol Colon Cleanser. It is a highly effective colon cleanser with fast action. With it you can be sure you would never think of constipation anymore.  In fact, experts agree that colon cleansing is so far the very best method in cleaning out your bowels and making an individual toxin-free. So you see that while enemas have short term treatment range, colon cleansing has a longer time range and is much healthier. Unfortunately, many people are averse to this method of treatment because they feel they are too busy. Well, unlike before, colon cleansing has become very fast now. You do not have to spend the whole day in a hospital to get your colons cleansed. All you need is a bottle Bowtrol Colon Cleanse. Take as prescribed and recommended at the beginning of the day and you are good to go. No waiting, not prodding etc. However, as you take it, ensure that you’ve got a toilet as near you as possible because you can be very sure it will be your port of call.  Go and get yours now and transform your life completely.For more information visit: Bowtrol Colon Cleanse