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Why Should You Stop Smoking Cigarette

A loser once said ‘To stop smoking cigarette is not difficult; I have done it several times!’ Facts – The cigarette is actually a carefully designed product and designed in such a way as to make the smoking process as palatable as possible. Also, the tobacco leaf part of the cigarette is actually composed of two main leaf types, one which Read more


Why Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

Nicotine is the source of the addiction of smokers. Smokers definitely find if very hard to quit this bad habit because nicotine is incredibly an addictive drug. To others it is as hooking as heroin and cocaine. It takes a lot of trial to finally stop smoking. Quitting would take a lot of hard work and effort.What are the good benefits of Read more


Where Do Your Turn To When You Need Help To Quit Smoking

Where Do Your Turn To When You Need Help To Quit Smoking?Smoking is an addiction and as any addiction it requires a lot of help and perseverance to get rid of it. The success rate of the quit smoking exercise very much depends on two major factors – (i) what you use as aids to quit smoking, and (ii) where from you get help to quit smoking.Quit Read more


What Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking

What Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking?The moment you decide that smoking is no more your cup of tea, the first thing you would search for would be the best way to quit smoking. How do you find what this best way to quit smoking is? Does it really exist or is this only a myth? Finding The Right AnswerIn order to find the right answer, you would Read more


Ways to Quit Smoking

Ways to Quit Smoking – Let the Latest Technology Be Your AideThere are many ways to quit smoking today. Which one you choose would depend on many factors – such as the degree of addiction, the quality of your quit smoking support, the products you use, your reaction to the withdrawal system and so on. The best way would always be the one Read more


Tobacco Control


American Lung Association Report Shows 2007 Shaping Up to be a Banner Year for Tobacco Control Policies.

Mid-Year Update Details Progress to Date in 2007;

7 States Significantly Strengthened Smokefree Air Laws, 8 Raised Tobacco Taxes

New York, NY (July 24, 2007) – In 2007, many states have taken strong action Read more


The Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

Fact is smoking cessation could be a very hard task but anyone can do it. Some may have tried but still going back to the bad habit. This is due to the effect of nicotine which tells the brain to crave for more of it. Nicotine is as highly addictive as heroin and cocaine. Eventually, an individual gets too emotionally and physically hooked on Read more


The Right Time to Quit Smoking

Why do smokers find it hard to quit smoking? This is because the habit is really addictive. Those who have tried to quit before find it irritable when they don’t have a cigarette to puff. This is because of the nicotine in the cigarette. Smoking is not just a habit but and addiction. Nicotine withdrawal is what causing the anxiety and Read more


The Mother of All Stop Smoking Programs – YOGA!

Yes, it is not exaggerating to say that the boss of all stop smoking programs is the Indian origin practice of bodily postures – a set of which together is popularly known as ‘Yoga’. Its relevance to every aspect in a common man’s life and its effectiveness in gifting the doer what he started it for has rolled in plenty of people from Read more


Research Your Quit Smoking Aids Well

Research Your Quit Smoking Aids Well – Your Success Depends On Your ChoiceMillions die of smoking-induced lung cancer and heart problems every year. At the same time, millions try to get rid of the habit every year with varied degrees of success. A lot of this success or failure is owed to the type of quit smoking aids chosen.What Are The Read more